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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Bhawini Alok Navapura

“I am honored and feel privileged to be a judge at the prestigious Information Technology Awards. It was so exciting to see the various technological advancements in field of Information Technology & Cybersecurity. It was a very fulfilling experience.”

Senior Vice President – DevOps | CitiBank | Irving, Texas, United States

Bhawini Navapura is a Senior Vice President & DevOps Strategic leader with over 23+ years of experience enabling the organization with out of the box innovative practices for environment stability with niche on development & test environments. A highly regarded thought leader she has a strong background serving public and private financial organizations in DevOps practices, service management, environment stability enabled information technology for public services, contact centers setup and a proven track record of solving complex business problems, building & leading diverse teams, implementing out of the box solutions for environment stability.

She has written articles to bring awareness of this niche skill into the industry.

Currently leading DevOps environment stability efforts with teams of DevOps engineers & analysts to provide stability and availability in non production multi techstack architecture environment, automate manual data process and drive business insights to increase stability so organization has more time to develop release and gain time to market. Working with the team to move from DevOps to No Ops journey. Prior to his role, Bhawini has lead the Permanent Account Number rollout in India in modernizing the Indian revenue Service through automation in Information technology touching lives of vast number of citizens.