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Monday, September 18, 2023

Pavan Kumar Reddy Poli

“As a judge for the 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, it was an absolute pleasure to score nominations from around the globe. Witnessing the exceptional level of talent, creativity, and innovation showcased by participants from diverse industries reaffirmed my belief in the boundless potential of human ingenuity. Being immersed in the wealth of groundbreaking ideas and transformative projects has not only broadened my perspective but also fueled my passion for recognizing and celebrating excellence.”

Senior Manager, Health Care Product Delivery and Program Management | CVS Health | Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States

Pavan Kumar Reddy Poli is a highly accomplished and seasoned Healthcare Program Manager with over 15 years of experience. Currently a Senior manager in program management at a Fortune 4 company, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in delivering successful outcomes for complex HealthCare programs.

Armed with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a Master of Science (MS) in IT Management, Pavan possesses a rare blend of business acumen and technical proficiency. His educational background empowers him to navigate the intricacies of healthcare programs with a comprehensive understanding of both the industry’s unique challenges and the cutting-edge technology solutions that drive success.

Throughout his career, Pavan has built a strong reputation for his ability to lead cross-functional teams and foster collaborative environments. His excellent communication skills, combined with a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, have enabled him to effectively align diverse stakeholders, ensuring seamless execution of programs.

With a track record of consistently exceeding goals and surpassing customer expectations, Pavan stands as a driving force behind the successful implementation of innovative healthcare initiatives. His unwavering dedication, strategic vision, and extensive experience position him as a transformative leader in the program management realm.