2023 American Business Awards Judge

Varun Shah

“As a Software Development Manager at Amazon, I had the immense privilege of judging several Globee awards in 2023, including the 18th Annual Information Technology World Awards, 15th Annual Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, and 8th Annual American Best in Business Awards. It was a fascinating experience that gave me an invaluable insight into global organizations, initiatives and leaders striving to make a difference with innovative technologies and solutions.”

Software Development Manager | Amazon | Milpitas, California, United States

Varun Shah is an experienced technology leader at Amazon, having held critical roles for over 15 years at various large organizations. Passionate about utilizing modern technologies to solve real-world problems, Varun leads a team of highly-skilled and passionate engineers in creating cutting edge global security services applications. These applications leverage micro-services, cloud computing, machine learning/artificial intelligence and dev-ops to help secure both internal and external applications for Amazon. Varun has also made numerous contributions in the areas of software engineering, cybersecurity and open source software development, as well as published research articles on the subject.