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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Gayatri Iyengar

I helped judge company of the year, startups of the year, C-Suite of the year, amongst many other categories. I thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of reviewing and scoring nominations from around the globe. It was truly inspiring to witness the diverse range of talents and accomplishments showcased in these nominations. The dedication, innovation, and passion demonstrated by individuals and organizations worldwide left a positive impact on me, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this process. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of recognizing excellence from across the world!

Director of Engineering, Last Mile Logistics and Growth | DoorDash | San Francisco, California, United States

I’m Gayatri Iyengar, serving as the Head of Engineering, Logistics, and Growth at DoorDash. My passion lies in not just solving complex challenges, but also in creating and nurturing high-performance teams. Guiding immensely talented engineers and leaders as they pursue their true passions is what truly fuels my joy. My journey started with building algorithmic financial trading platforms, bringing efficiency and accessibility to financial markets. I ventured into the realm of digital banking, crafting user-friendly apps for a more convenient banking experience. When I’m not shaping the tech landscape, you’ll find me exploring my creative side through art, cherishing moments with my two kids, and cultivating an ever-growing jungle of house plants. Beyond the daily grind, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my insights at esteemed conferences like Lesbians who Tech, Women Impact Tech, CTOConnection, Geeks who lead etc. My commitment to innovation and gender diversity is evident in my nomination for the Software Eng leader of the year by Women in Tech award and my role as a judge for the prestigious Stevie Awards. I am honored to be a judge for Globee platform and encourage great talent all around!

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