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Monday, September 18, 2023

Ignatius Ravi

“Reviewing various distinguished organization’s and professional’s award submission was life enriching opportunity. Globee made it convenient and easy to review all the submissions assigned to me and in the process, I learnt a lot about information technology and security efforts in the modern technology era. Industry professionals are working hard to ensure that customer’s data is protected. I highly recommend Globee awards.”

Senior IT Auditor | Amazon | Provo, Utah, United States

As an IT Audit and Cybersecurity industry expert, Ignatius Ravi, has been actively engaged in the fore-front of advancing and contributing to the field of audit and cybersecurity, by being a thought leader, serving as the ISACA Utah chapter Program and Education Director, member of Information Systems Security Association, judge of prestigious global awards, speaker, and author. 

Because of his extensive years of experience in the field of audit and cybersecurity, he was hired by Amazon’s Internal Audit department, as a Senior IT Auditor, where he plays an important role in making sure that Amazon and its customers are protected from emerging technology and financial risks.