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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Globee® Awards Issues Final Call for the 2021 Customer Sales & Service World Awards®

Accepting entries from all over the world for the Sales and Customer Service Awards


The Globee® Awards, organizers of world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, is now accepting nominations and entries for the 2021 Annual Customer Sales & Service World Awards®.

All organizations operating anywhere in the world – large to small and startups, government, public and private, for-profit and non-profit are eligible to submit nominations.

Recognitions are especially meaningful during the current business environment. Organizations may submit any number of entries for local, regional, and other offices all over the world. The Customer Sales & Service World Awards has issued call for 2021 entries in all the categories which include: 

  • Leadership Excellence Awards Categories Group
  • Sales Individual Awards Categories Group
  • Sales Team Awards Categories Group
  • Sales Achievement Awards Categories Group
  • Sales Outstanding Performance Awards Categories Group
  • Customer Service & Support Individual Awards Categories Group
  • Customer Service & Support Team Awards Categories Group
  • Customer Service & Support Achievement Awards Categories Group
  • Customer Service & Support Department Awards Categories
  • Customer Success Awards Categories Group
  • Business Development Awards Categories Group
  • New Products & Services, Upgrades, Solutions, and Innovations Awards Categories Group
  • Solution Provider and Professional Services Awards Categories Group
  • Milestone | Sales, Customer Service & Support, Customer Success, Business Development, and Professional Services Awards Categories Group
  • COVID-19 Business Response Awards Categories Group

This year we are also recognizing Leadership Excellence which includes Chief Revenue Officers, Sales & Marketing Executives, and Service & Support Executives from all over the world for their achievements in the areas of sales, customer service & support, business development, and professional services.

Nominees that are eligible to apply include executives and professional individuals at every job level, teams, departments, and organizational achievements including vendors with new products, services and solution providers for sales, customer service, support, and business development.

Learn more about the 2021 Sales and Customer Service Awards and how to nominate here:

Winners of previous years are listed here:

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A worldwide judging panel of executives and professionals representing a wide-spectrum of industries will determine the winners. Winners will be presented and honored in a ceremony attended by the finalists, winners, judges and industry peers from all over the world. Industry experts and end-users or consumers of product and services can participate in the judging process. More details to register as an industry expert and help as a judge are available at

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