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Monday, September 18, 2023

Sunil Tanuku | Creating a purpose and developing people to achieve success

Sunil Tanuku is Vice President of Delivery, Technology & Business Services @ GalaxE Solutions Inc. | Somerset, New Jersey, USA

Sunil Tanuku is Vice President of Delivery, Technology & Business Services at GalaxE Solutions Inc. Strongly experienced with good management skills to solve issues, create value and maximize growth. With more than 15 years in Business, of which several years were spent in Vice President/Director level leading strategic initiatives for most of the Fortune 50 companies in life sciences industry. Extensive experience with Business and Technical insights to provide objective advice, establish structure, define and implement strategic solutions, management and operations of project teams.

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What do achievements mean to you?

Achievements serve a purpose to remind that in the pursuit of excellence, you are striving in the right direction to reach there.

What excites you most about the work that you do?

It provides me the ability to lead from the front to think innovatively and offer strategic direction to the team for execution to go above and beyond customers expectations.

Do you have a mantra or motto that you live by?

Believe in yourself that you “can do, must do, no job too big to handle” attitude.

What makes you yourself

Temperament, Attitude, Beliefs, Creativity, Goal-Driven. I am a very competitive person trying to improve myself everyday by tackling challenges and always strive for the best that I can deliver no matter the relative size of the problem.

Work philosophy

Work to “Learn something new every day and challenge yourself”. It should serve a purpose of inner satisfaction that you are able to contribute to something. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that have the drive to achieve things and helping you to improve.

Developing strategy to deploy Enterprise wide Portfolio/Program/Project management solution in the form of process governance, technology through augmentation of tools and develop robust change management strategy for global rollout in Latin America (LATAM), Asia-Pacific (ASPAC), Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and North America (NA)
for a Fortune 50 company.

Recent successes

Love and support from friends & family. Understanding the work that I was doing is just not IT systems and data related but goes way beyond that in terms of touching lives and making a difference for them.

What was your journey like to get where you are today

It was great journey so far and I cherish every bit of it. Always followed my heart in doing things and in the process if I learn and inspire others, I would consider this journey to the greatest.

How do you stay motivated

Staying energetic and having the mind-set of goal-driven and results-oriented.

Goal yet to be achieved

The long journey of inspiring and making a difference to other people’s lives.

Best decision

Reading books.

Worst decision


Definition of leadership

Creating a purpose and developing people to achieve success by showing them direction and approach that empowers them.

Biggest missed opportunity


Best mentor

My Parents.

One word that best describes you


Like best about job

Freedom to express myself.

How you’ve approached change

Always embraced it to make myself better and improve.

What are you really into outside of work?

Sports, Documentaries, Reading books.

Most important lesson learned

Having a purpose to life and be compassionate to others at all times.

Greatest fear

Giving up.

Greatest strength


What do you hope to achieve in your next position


Current state of mind

Work hard.

Exercise of choice

Too many to quote.

Most influential book read

Chanakya in Modern Life.

When it’s all over, how do you want to be remembered?

Someone who helped others.

Favorite word


Favorite quote

Time and Tide wait for none.

Countries you would like to visit

Japan as it is leaps and bounds ahead of rest of the world in terms of technology and innovation.