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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Subin Thayyile Kandy

Senior Product Security Engineer | Salesforce | Bear, Delaware, United States

Subin Thayyile Kandy participating as an industry expert

Security professional with over a decade of experience in roles as Builders (secure application developer), Breakers (penetration tester) and Defenders (application security) in the banking and finance security industry.

Application Security and Penetration testing

– Application security
– Penetration Testing
– Vulnerability assessment
– Secure code reviews, SAST.
– Application threat modeling
– Standards and Compliance (PCI DSS,FDIC)
– Web application firewall (Mod security, Akamai)
– Secure Application Development (C#.NET ,ASP.NET , SQL Server)
• Certified ethical hacker (CEH)
• GIAC certified software security professional (GSSP .NET)
• GIAC certified Web application penetration tester (GWAPT)
• GIAC certified Penetration tester (GPEN)
• SANS training in Virtualization and Private Cloud Security
• GIAC certified Mobile Device Security Analyst (GMOB)
• GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester (GXPN) 

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