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Monday, September 18, 2023

Mindy Eardley

Director of Communications | ARIIX | Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Mindy Eardley participating as an industry expert and judge

With a diverse background in creative copywriting, project management, curriculum development, and training, I’m an award-winning marketing junkie who loves connecting people with their passions through words. Taking an idea from a creative concept to a larger-than-life reality is my jam.
The bulk of my career has created success in both the hospitality and direct selling fields. While very different vehicles, both fields complement each other because they are relationship-driven. As a people person, I thrive on understanding how people operate and how expectations form. This understanding provides keen insight into how to create targeted and successful marketing for any audience.
I enjoy working as a team to develop strategies that get us where we want to go. As a marketing professional, I enjoy creating persuasive and engaging marketing collateral for web, print, email, and social media. I thrive in leading teams that create captivating marketing campaigns and engagement strategies to move the needle on customer acquisition and retention.Working with several multimillion-dollar companies throughout my career has helped me become a well-rounded and level-headed professional with a well-honed set of skills.