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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Astha Bhatia Reddy

Clinical Research Scientist | Bristol Myers Squibb | Summit, New Jersey, United States

Astha Bhatia Reddy participating as an industry expert

I am a dentist (4 years patient care experience in India), and have a Master in public health from a reputed US school. I work as a clinical research scientist on clinical trials for hematology-oncology indications. A clinical study that I was the lead scientist for, led to FDA and global approval for a new chemo-free regimen for patients of relapsed lymphoma.

At present, I am the lead scientist a clinical trial for a novel compound being developed for patients with relapsed Lymphoma. Also, I recently featured on an international podcast for COVID 19 which was a global hit with multiple viewer reviews.

I also worked in a county health department (Bloomfield health department) during my internship while pursuing my MPH, and I worked with the health educator on a childhood obesity project for the community (an area of concern facing the country at this time).

I am the marketing head (volunteer position) of an Indian- American cultural society based in NJ. I am confident that based on my vast experience and expertise, I will do great justice to the judgement process.

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