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Monday, September 18, 2023

Yulibeth Cruz Roque

Control Systems Senior Engineer | Bechtel Corporation | Houston, Texas, United States

More than 16 years of experience providing instrumentation & controls services as Control systems Designer, Control System Design Lead and Control Systems Engineer for Projects within LNG, petrochemical, refinery, oil, gas & chemical industries.

As Control systems Designer performing different activities such as 3D Modeling, Location Plans, Wiring, Control Loops, Wiring Reports, Power panel schedule, Hookups, Material Take off Reports, Material Requisitions, Installation Details, etc.

As Control Systems Lead Design performing different activities such as Creation of Specification for Instrument Piping Materials, Estimation of instruments, cables and Gland, Creation of RIO panel layout drawings, Building Layouts Drawings and Architecture Block Diagrams, Creation of Installation Detail Drawings, RIO assignments, 3D Modelling.

As Control systems Engineer performing different activities such as creation of virtual Instrument Index (using BCStools),
Development of Instrument Index, Interlock list, Motor coordination tables, Level Setting Diagrams, Datasheets, Material
Requisition. Bid Evaluation and interaction with vendors, Responsible for Metering Skid Packaged, Mechanical Pressure Protection System (HIPPS valves) and Composite Sampler Stations, Responsible to participate on Factory Acceptance Test on vendor facilities and Responsible to coordinate the Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA) Register and Dossier for Control Systems Packages.