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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Umesh Babu Manedi

RF Electrical Design Engineer | Systems With Reliability, LP | Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, United States

My name is Umesh Manedi, and I am an experienced RF Electrical Design Engineer with a strong background in Electrical & Computer Engineering. I hold a Master of Science from the New York Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering from Anna University. Throughout my career, I have been actively involved in designing, analyzing, and optimizing various antenna systems, working with cutting-edge software tools and measurement equipment. I am also proficient in project coordination, management, and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

As RF Electrical Design Engineer at Systems With Reliability, I collaborate with engineers and customers for seamless antenna building and integration. Using industry-standard software, I design and fine-tune antenna systems, customize patterns for performance evaluation, and deliver high-quality solutions with end-to-end responsibility.

As an Electrical Engineer at NYC Transit, I upgraded T-Band Radio Systems for advanced technologies, improved PACIS for public address, and facilitated collaboration between NYCT departments with rigorous project management and compliance oversight.

Overall, my experience and expertise lie in antenna design and analysis, utilizing sophisticated tools, managing projects, and collaborating with teams to deliver high-quality solutions. I am an active member of professional organizations, including the Society of Broadcast Engineers, IEEE, and more.

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