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Monday, September 18, 2023

Taha Yassine Zinifi

Senior Product Manager | project44 | San Francisco, California, United States

Taha Yassine Zinifi participating as an industry expert and judge

As an entrepreneur, product expert and machine learning engineer, Taha has shaped ideas into cutting-edge products users love while helping scale product-minded teams. Taha joined ClearMetal in 2017. ClearMetal is now a leader in the Continuous Delivery Experience (CDX), enabling supply chain organizations to optimize logistics and provide their customers with easy access to trusted, live information about their shipments. As the Lead Product Manager, Taha has managed the entire product lifecycle of the core platform, from customer discovery to product launch, increasing the company’s revenues from 300K ARR to 10M+ ARR. Prior to that, Taha founded Kernel Risk (a Y Combinator company) to improve reinsurance underwriting using a combination of remote sensing and AI. The company was acquired for an undisclosed amount. Trained as a Machine Learning engineer, Taha leverages his technical background to bridge the gap between real-word problems and advanced research in AI.

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