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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Sumit Machhindra Lonkar

Technical Lead | Meta | Bellevue, Washington, United States

Sumit Machhindra Lonkar is an accomplished engineering leader with a strong passion for mobile products. With a proven track record of successfully shipping products across diverse industries, his expertise spans various software levels, from frontend to Kernel.

Sumit holds a Master of Science in CS from Purdue School of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering in IT from the University of Pune, providing him with a solid educational foundation.

In his recent role as a Technical Lead at Meta, Sumit led the iOS team in developing ad metrics tools for the company’s apps. His implementation of metrics frameworks contributed to safeguarding Facebook’s ad revenue. Sumit also excelled in mentoring team members and fostering collaboration across departments.

Prior to Meta, Sumit served as a Technical Lead at OfferUp, where he oversaw a mobile engineering team, driving remarkable revenue growth and enhancing platform through key projects. At Apple, Sumit made valuable contributions to the Maps by architecting and implementing MapKit frameworks. He also played significant roles in feature development and product advancement at CreditKarma, NetApp, and Glu Mobile.

Sumit’s extensive experience in mobile development, revenue growth, architectural design, and team leadership showcases his ability to navigate multiple industries successfully.

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