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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Sudhish Koloth

Vice President Technology | JPMorgan Chase & Co. | Plano, Texas, United States

Sudhish Koloth participating as an industry expert and judge

Sudhish Koloth is a lead developer working with a Banking and Financial services company. He has spent over 13 years working in information technology. He worked in various technologies including full stack, big data, automation, and android development. He also played a significant role in delivering important impactful projects during COVID-19 pandemic.

Sudhish Koloth has few articles published online in his fields, including topics like Big data and other Software Development tech stacks and practices. Sudhish Koloth has significantly contributed to his career and also the community. Sudhish Koloth is the developer of the Feedom mobile application, an app designed to solve food wastage. Mr. Sudhish Koloth uses his expertise to solve common problems faced by humanity and a volunteer for non-profit applications and providing help.

Mr. Sudhish Koloth is also a mentor who helps fellow professionals and colleagues, technically, with his expertise. Mr. Sudhish is also an active preacher and motivator of Stem education’s importance to School Kids and Young college graduates.
Mr. Sudhish Koloth was recognized for his work inside and outside of his career network.

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