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Monday, September 18, 2023

Sudhir Prabhakar Dorle

CEO | Quality Management Systems Corporation | San Diego, California, United States

Sudhir Prabhakar Dorle participating as an industry expert and judge

Dr. Sudhir Prabhakar Dorle graduated (Doctor of Business Administration – Strategic Management) from Alliant International University. Work wise I’ve over 20 years of rich experience with proven success in launching new businesses and designing & implementing strategic solutions to improve operations, processes & quality functions of leading clients. Mostly I worked as Quality Management and Business Management Consultant; my educational qualifications and work experience helped transformed me into a passionate business leader with experience in launching businesses from scratch across entire emerging markets. Excellent track record of contributing to top-line & bottom-line objectives and improving overall business results. I’ve successfully transformed non-performing business units into top-performers and amplified EBIDTA margin by multi-folds. Through this long journey of learning and development, I hold in-depth knowledge & understanding of diverse customer segments, markets and different formats of customers. I’m expertise in providing strategic advice to clients to improve cost, delivery and quality parameters; enabled lean capability building, process standardization, transformation & continuous process improvement for clients. Acted as Internal Quality Management System Auditor; in-depth understanding of ISO 9000 (1994 & 2000), ISO 27000, ISO 14000, QS 9000.