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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Shyam Pradheep

General Manager | Zogo, Inc. | Austin, Texas, United States

We started Zogo with friends in college at Duke University with a mission to reenvision and disrupt financial literacy in the US. We built a flagship app and started selling it to financial institutions across the United States. Our core thesis was that bite-sized, gamified financial literacy would benefit people across the United States.

We currently have over 250 clients and close to 1.5 million app users. Our app itself has won numerous awards, and we have diversified into different products as time has passed. We now have a product that is used in classrooms across the United States as well as a product that is integrated directly into mobile banking applications.

Some of our current partners include US bank, Nasdaq, and American Express. Having been at Zogo since the beginning, I have worked on every single team at Zogo (sales, customer success, education, engineering, and operations) and now have the privilege of running the entire company now that the founder has stepped away.