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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Shruti Sridhar

Product Manager | Google| San Jose, California, United States

Shruti is an experienced risk management and Compliance Product Manager with 8 years of experience in all three lines of defense in risk management helping organizations defend $200+ billions of annual revenue. Working in the first line of defense as a Product Manager, she has helped launch customer centric products focused on identifying sanctioned parties within the ecosystem while balancing compliance risks. Worked in the second line of defense as an Engineering Compliance Specialist, she was actively involved in ISO standards development for AI and Blockchain implementation, SOX Audits and GDPR implementation for Ads. Worked in the third line of defense as a technology auditor within Google’s Internal Audit function, where she led projects to identify risks within the data governance framework, Waymo (Self Driving Cars), Enterprise Resiliency, etc.

Shruti is currently a Payments Compliance Product Manager at Google. She holds a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University with specialization in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics and maintains Certified Information Systems Auditor credentials.

Domain Expertise – Product Management, Payments Compliance, Sanctions Screening, Technology Audits, Risk Management, Security and Privacy, Data Governance, Program Management, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, GDPR Implementation , ISO Standards for Emerging Technologies (AI, Blockchain, etc.).