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Monday, September 18, 2023

Shreekant Mandvikar

Principal Automation Engineer | Ally Bank | Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

RPA and Cognitive Automation Industry Expert with 14 + years of experience.
Experience with implementation of Intelligent automation projects for 10+ Fortune 500 companies.
Expertise in defining scientific method of analysis and using same for identifying Process automation and AI products for my customers.
Experiencing in designing and implementing large scale projects for customers some.
For large US Pharmacy chain designed End to End solution for specialty RX reducing 4500+ Hour’s customer wait time per year
For large retail chain automated macros to robots with zero change management, avoiding 5000+ hours of training.
For large US bank designed and implemented solution to identify imposter sites, reducing exposure per incident from per 1.4 million USD zero, there are expected 7-8 exposure per year.
Helped 7+ customer start their automation journey from identification of products to deploying their first Intelligent Process Automation solution.
Helped 5+ customers mature their automation journey and scaling multiple POD teams.
During pandemic helped customer find the correct Cloud solution as well as designed the strategy to move and sustain, impacting their IT expenditure and come out of expensive Datacenter contracts.