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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Shravan Kumar Reddy Poli

Quality Manager | ZF Group | Flowery Branch, Georgia, United States

Shravan Kumar Reddy Poli is highly accomplished and seasoned Quality Manager with over 13 years of experience in Manufacturing Environment . Currently a Quality Manager at ZF leading Automotive Tier supplier , he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in launching new programs.

Armed with a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering degree and PMP certified. Shravan possesses a rare blend of business acumen and technical proficiency. His educational and Certification background empowers him to navigate Industrial, Manufacturing, Quality and Program Management the intricacies of Manufacturing with a comprehensive understanding of both the industry’s unique challenges and the cutting-edge technology solutions that drive success.

Throughout his career, Shravan has built a strong reputation for his ability to lead cross-functional teams and foster collaborative environments. His excellent communication skills, combined with a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, have enabled him to effectively align diverse stakeholders, ensuring seamless New launches of programs

With a track record of consistently exceeding goals and surpassing customer expectations, Shravan stands as a driving force behind the successful implementation of New program launch and innovative technology in manufacturing . His unwavering dedication, strategic vision, and extensive experience position him as a transformative leader in the automotive industry.

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