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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Shraddha Patil

Director of Product | Palo Alto Networks | Santa Clara, California, United States

Shraddha Patil, an adept tech leader, presently the Director of Product at Palo Alto Networks. With a rich history that encompasses a pivotal Senior Product Manager role at Salesforce, Shraddha has cemented her stature as an expert in cybersecurity and the development of secure products.
Leveraging her substantial experience, Shraddha specializes in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity products. Her strategic acumen and hands-on ethos have been pivotal in crafting innovative solutions that uphold digital security without compromising on ingenuity.

Her tenure at Salesforce played a pivotal role in shaping her affinity for cybersecurity products, charting her trajectory toward her current position. Shraddha’s leadership is hallmarked by her ability to cultivate collaboration and rally diverse teams around shared objectives. She staunchly believes that secure product development is the bedrock of a safer digital future, a principle mirrored in her string of prosperous product launches.