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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Sharda Kumari

Staff Systems Engineer | Airbnb, Inc. | San Francisco, California, United States

Sharda is an accomplished Global Business Technology leader with 15+ years’ experience in CRM and Enterprise Architecture. She has an outstanding track record in industry verticals including Tourism & Hospitality, Communications, Banking, High-Tech and has spent time shaping innovative engineering practices across successful organizations. Most recently, she has led special projects at Airbnb as the company marched towards a super successful IPO, charting out the IPO readiness plan aligning with SOX controls, GDPR and DNC/PII standards executing robust, state of the art controls and building a center of excellence in Enterprise practices.

Sharda has led various aspects of enterprise applications engineering from original concept through design, development and deployment, to final implementation with a proven track record of consistently exceeding delivery, budget and quality objectives. She is a solutions driven leader known to build high-performing global teams executing on the most ambitious organizational strategies.

Sharda has advanced the cause of generosity by volunteering time and also contributing her technical expertise in helping non profit organizations like NYPR in its Salesforce implementation. Sharda has been prominent in ventures supporting Women and Non-binary Tech Talent and serves as an inspiration for mentoring women and underrepresented groups in the technology industry.

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