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Monday, September 18, 2023

Sergey Kozlov

CEO | Passteam | Los Angeles, California, United States

Sergey is a Founder and CEO at Passteam Software that helps businesses to drive customer retention, double lifetime value, and inspire loyalty. Passteam is a Winner of Technology Innovator Awards 2021. With 5 years of experience in Software product company, he has participated in few accelerator programs including 500 startups and has built the SaaS company with more than 5000 customers. Sergey can share his experience in topics like fundraising, product and customer development. He’s an expert and evangelist of Apple Wallet & Android Pay technology and has in-depth understanding how the technology works from a user or business perspective. Sergey believes that simpleness and quality of service or tools can increase the efficiency of the human being in any field. He also has expertise in CRM field, in particular in implementation and increasing efficiency (KPIs) of loyalty programs.