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Monday, September 18, 2023

Sebin Joseph

Co-founder & CTO | VON PERRY | Dallas, Texas, United States

I am the co-founder and CTO of Von Perry. A design build startup company, designing and building 3D printed houses. My background is in Engineering I have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and A masters in Systems engineering and Management. After graduation I worked in the Industry for 2 years as a Mechanical Design engineer, after that I turned in to my entrepreneurial venture at Von Perry. At Von Perry, I designed and build a method for consolidating construction activities using technology. I worked with Printed Farms- Florida based construction company- on their fist 3D printed model house. At Von Perry, we have over 45 building requests for over a 200 single family houses. At present I am working on 3 separate 3D printing housing projects in Texas. I am one of the pioneers in the 3D printed construction industry. Currently I am working on building the first 3D printed house in the North Texas region and the largest 3D printed house in US. I am one of the contributors at Automate Construction an educational website for 3D printed construction technology.