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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Sandeep Rao Vadlaputi

Engineer | Meta | San Jose, California, United States

I’m a Staff Software Engineer at Meta (formerly Facebook) working as a technical lead in the New Product Experimentation ( team. I have deep experience leading and building successful software products and teams from scratch and scaling them to millions of users worldwide. I have close to a decade of experience at some of the biggest technology companies like Apple, Oracle and Meta/Facebook and I hold a graduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University’s prestigious School of Computer Science.

In addition, I have also acted as a judge in some of the biggest major league Hackathon competitions in USA like HackTech (organized by CalTech) and LAHacks (organized by UCLA) which has attracted 1000+ participants. Given my professional and judging experience, I believe I’d be a great fit as a judge for the 2023 IT World Awards to help identify and promote some of the best companies in technology.