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Monday, September 18, 2023

Sanath Kumar Ramesh

Software Development Manager | Amazon | Seattle, Washington, United States

Sanath Kumar Ramesh participating as an industry expert and judge

I have 8+ years of experience building software. I started my career at Microsoft as a software engineer. Currently, I lead a team of 15+ engineers at Amazon in one of their healthcare divisions. I am the creator of AWS SAM open source software, with over 13,000 Stars on Github and used by millions of software developers around the world. Worked directly with Directors and VPs at AWS to build and launch the AWS SAM project. I have extensive experience evaluating other IT and software products for internal use within Amazon and other organizations. Most recently, I founded the of RareCamp project, a Linux Foundation initiative to bring treatments to 1000s of rare diseases affecting millions of patients by building an open source software platform. Outside of work, I manage a community of 20+ engineers, designers, and experts to build software for the RareCamp project.


  • GlobalGenes unSummit 2020
  • Rare Disease Innovation & Partnering Summit 2020
  • Open Source Software Conference (OSCON) 2019
  • Geekwire Cloud Tech Summit 2018
  • Podcast at raisingrare


  • 8+ years of software development
  • Actively managed teams of 15+ engineers for large multimillion dollar projects


  •, a non-profit initiative to find treatments for kids affected with SSMD rare disease. There are only 9 kids worldwide living with this ultra-rare disease.
  • OpenGT Foundation to use open source software to develop treatments for 1000s of rare diseases affecting millions of patients
  • RareCamp Foundation, a Linux Foundation initiative, to bring software developers around the world to help build the RareCamp open source project that will power the OpenGT Platform