2022 Cyber Security Judge

Sameer Saran

CEO | ParkStash Inc. | San Jose, California, United States

Sameer Saran is the Founder & CEO of ParkStash, a one-stop-shop for parking management and autonomous parking solutions. He is a serial tech entrepreneur with extensive experience in leadership, sustainability tech innovation, early-stage growth, customer experience, marketing, and PR. He has led product, sales, and marketing teams from scratch, leading to 15X increase in monthly revenues and 20X increase in sales. He has served as a board member of multiple organizations including non-profits, tech startups, is a member of Forbes Tech Council and Harvard Leaders Excellence Certified. Over 100 press articles have been published on his work in major media including CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and Scripps Media, has won over 11 national awards for his products with multiple patents under his name.