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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Rolly Seth

Senior Product Manager | Microsoft | Redmond, Washington, United States

Rolly is a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, bringing with her 13-year background in product management and leadership. Throughout her career, she has primarily focused on intrapreneurship and leading technological innovation within the company. Rolly has played a pivotal role in driving innovation at various stages, including pitching new business and product ideas, nurturing early-stage concepts across the company, and prototyping as part of teams like Microsoft Garage. She has also successfully taken prototypes to the scale of millions of users, such as within the Microsoft Office suite. With an engineering background complemented by a liberal arts education, Rolly is deeply passionate about continuous learning. Her exploration of multi-disciplinary thinking is evident in her YouTube channel called ‘Always Be Curious (ABC),’ where she takes on diverse challenges like “52 weekends of making.” Rolly’s outstanding achievements include being selected for the prestigious Young India Fellowship program and Product Leadership Cohort Program at University of Washington. She has received numerous national and international accolades- National winner of Accenture Innovation Jockeys and Wall Street Journal’s Top 12 Asian Innovators.

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