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Monday, September 18, 2023

Rohan Tiwari

Software Engineering Manager | Google | Mountain View, California, United States

Rohan Tiwari participating as an industry expert and judge

I have worked in tech firms of various sizes and have been lucky to be a part of diverse teams. I have also had an opportunity to work in three different countries that has given me a grasp of the opportunities presented by different markets to the building of products and teams.

I currently work at Google, USA where I lead teams that build customized solutions for Google Cloud to make our global customers happier and making sure we make it as seamless as possible to digitize their infrastructure and migrate to the Cloud. I have previously worked on launching Google Pay in India, which was a critical launch not just for Google but also overall for India’s FinTech ecosystem as the country tries to digitize payments, make them more accessible, and navigates towards a cash-free economy. I have worked at Grab Taxi, Singapore (startup focused on ride-hailing and logistics) which has revolutionized transportation in South East Asia.

Previously, I have also worked in Microsoft, the USA helping launch products that were used by millions of users. I was also one of the early employees in Microsoft Cloud (Azure) and had the opportunity of bootstrapping new products at a huge scale.

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