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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Razwan Ghafoor

CEO & Cofounder | Thirdeye Labs | London, England, United Kingdom

Razwan Ghafoor participating as an industry expert and judge

Expert in AI technology. Founded ThirdEye Labs, a tech company that arms retail workers with real-time CCTV powered AI assistants, so they can win the war against theft and tackle operational challenges such as stockout and queues. During his time at ThirdEye he has raised £3m of VC funding, filed 5 patents, built a team of 30 talented people and signed multiple blue chip retailers to use ThirdEye. Prior to ThirdEye he worked as a biotech equities researcher at Bank Am Bellevue, as a researcher at the Imperial College London Brain-machine interface Lab and graduated with an Masters in Engineering (first-class honors, specialised in Machine Learning) from Imperial College London.