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Monday, September 18, 2023

Ravi Kiran Kanala

Senior RPA Consultant | Frost Bank | San Antonio, Texas, United States

Ravi Kanala is Software Engineer Technical Lead at Frost Bank, focused on task and process automation using Robotics Process Automation (Robotic Process Automation) technology and products at Frost Bank. He is the currently the only technical leader focused on the Robotic Process Automation technology, working with multiple bank departments that are utilizing and anxious to take advantage of the Robotic Process Automation technology.

Ravi started at Frost Bank with an inventory of one automation and helped grow to over 30 automations currently.
He has been instrumental in building the software program for RPA by helping build Center Of Excellence, identify and build standards, work with compliance, Audit and security teams to ensure rigidity and robustness of RPA Program.

Ravi wears multiple hats from architecting solutions, working with management to develop strategies, grow the technology business, looking forward into future to customize and solidify Frost Bank’s needs, work with vendors and maintains healthy relationships to ensure business fluidity, help grow new talent and build custom solutions.