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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Ranjitkumar Sivakumar

Senior Software Development Manager | Amazon | Seattle, Washington, United States

Ranjitkumar Sivakumar is a principal technologist and an industry leader with 15+ years experience specializing in data security and identity risk management. He is the Head of Engineering – Fraud and Risk at Amazon Payments, managing an organization of 45 technical staff. Being a organization head, he is an innovator at heart and a pioneer of many state-of-the-art security and risk management solutions. He has published research articles solving challenges across data and network security, and has filed many patents in this domain of expertise. He leads the end to end portfolio of one of the largest cobranded credit products in the world which has made headlines numerous times in financial media articles. He is a proponent of diversity and inclusion, and has expertise in building high-performing organizations ground up. He is a respected leader in this industry and has been part of distinguished jury panel for technical and product awards.