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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Ramanathan Ramasubbu

Chief Operating Officer | Robotic Parking Systems | Clearwater, Florida, Operations

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a strong aptitude and a results-driven approach, specializing as a Design Engineer, Project Manager, Technical Manager, and Operations Manager. I bring forth over 21 years of extensive hands-on experience in core engineering, along with a rich background of 18+ years in automated parking systems. My expertise encompasses diverse areas including Core Design and Development, New Product Development, Machine Design, Project Engineering, and Project Management. I also lead the technical committee for securing initial approvals from State/City and local jurisdictions. I actively contribute to Technical Sales efforts, conduct webinars for renowned Architects on Automated Parking, and deliver technical presentations to clients across the globe.

Currently, I hold the position of COO/Technical Manager at Robotic Parking Systems in the USA. My core competency lies in successfully executing the pioneering Automated Parking projects in Dubai, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi. This involves comprehensive engineering, meticulous planning, and scheduling to meet predefined production targets. I am adept at conceptualizing and implementing process enhancements to elevate operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and consistently enhance profitability.

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