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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Rakesh Margam

Digital Health Expert | SecureKloud Technologies Inc | Aurora, Illinois, United States

Rakesh is an accomplished healthcare IT leader and Digital Health Expert with over 11 years of experience in managing and implementing digital health, telehealth, and patient remote monitoring projects. As an Epic Ambulatory and MyChart expert, Rakesh led the specialty-specific telemedicine implementation for over 100,000 patients during COVID-19 and beyond. He partnered closely with CMIOs to optimize telehealth workflows. Rakesh also facilitated the integration of California’s My Turn system for COVID-19 vaccination eligibility. Additionally, Rakesh successfully led the conversion project of converting over 1 million patient records from Allscripts to Epic EHR. His technical expertise was crucial in ensuring a smooth transition between systems. Rakesh has been at the forefront of remote patient monitoring program development. He has driven the adoption of new digital health technologies to comply with 21st Century Cures Act interoperability requirements. Rakesh holds numerous respected certifications including PMP, HL7, AWS, Epic MyChart, and Epic Ambulatory. He has published ~10 research articles and delivered keynote addresses at major conferences like RAMAS 2023. Judge and Reviewer: Ø Globee Awards Ø Digital Health 2023 Awards Awards: International Achievers Award and Globee Award LinkedIn Top Voice

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