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Monday, September 18, 2023

Rajesh Chennattu Sasidharan Nair

Assistant General Manager | Amazon | Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Rajesh Chennattu Sasidharan Nair is an Indian Navy veteran who led complex, dynamic, and challenging maritime operations and managed starting phase of construction of a warship leading to commissioning into Navy and commanding the ship for over two years to enhance maritime capabilities. He also managed the logistics and supply chain for a squadron of 7 warship to meet operational deployments. Rajesh leverages his expertise in operations management, supply chain logistics and leadership values at his current role. He enjoys working with people from different fields, innovation and process improvements that impacts millions of people and using his skillsets and experience to address short and long terms issues and come up with innovative solutions. Rajesh currently working as Assistant general Manager at Amazon. Rajesh holds Master of Business Administration from University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business, Master of Science degree in Information Technology from Punjab Technical University and Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Computer from Mahatma Gandhi University.