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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Rahul Bagai

Software Engineer | Meta Platforms, Inc. | Seattle, Washington, United States

Rahul Bagai is a experienced Software Engineer and Engineering Manager with over 13 years of rich industry experience. Rooted in Seattle, WA, United States, he’s carved a niche for himself through his innovative acumen, proven ability to scale solutions, and adeptness at leading high-performance teams. His comprehensive expertise encompasses cloud computing, API design, and microservice architectures.

Rahul’s career has taken him to industry giants like Meta and Expedia Group, where he consistently delivered value through architectural decisions and strategic leadership. At Meta, he significantly impacted product functionality and user experience. As an Engineering Manager at Expedia, he drove substantial increases in product inventory and revenue.

Moreover, Rahul’s contributions to the tech community go beyond his professional roles. He regularly engages in thought leadership activities, including serving as a judge for prestigious industry awards and publishing insightful articles. He leverages his extensive technical knowledge and industry involvement as an IEEE Member. Rahul holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics. His illustrious career and robust contributions to the tech landscape affirm his position as an influential leader in the industry.

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