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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Punit Dewani

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager | Roblox | San Mateo, California, United States

Punit Dewani stands out as a seasoned IT professional with a vast experience spanning over a decade in domains like IT Asset Management, Data Center Capacity Planning, Strategic Sourcing, and Supply Chain. As an alumnus of Stanford University and Santa Clara University, Punit has chiseled a career trajectory, traversing roles in major tech corporations, showcasing his adeptness at intricate contract negotiations and maintaining vendor relationships. In his recent role at a top gaming company, Punit emerged as a pioneer, becoming the inaugural bar-raiser interviewer for the Infrastructure Foundation org, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the recruitment of elite talents. His negotiation acumen has led to securing deals resulting in savings in the tens of millions, underpinning his ability to strategize and strike deals that are financially beneficial and strategically sound for his organization. At a global social media giant, he demonstrated exceptional leadership, expanding teams across continents and spearheading projects that transformed operational efficiency. Beyond these accomplishments, Punit’s influence extends as a revered mentor, fostering the next generation of professionals and championing consistent and impactful operational processes. His synthesis of strategic insight, precision in execution, and collaborative spirit makes Punit an invaluable asset in the expansive realm of IT.

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