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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Prasanna Venkatesh

Co-founder & CEO | Metricsbird | San Francisco, California, United States

In 2002, I was restless seeing how technology was changing the world around us. I started my first business in my hostel room back in 2002. If someone had to buy a branded computer, they had to pay the premium price. So me and my roommate decided to get different parts and assemble them in our hostel room and sell it to the people around us. As I was eager to learn more about businesses, I joined Ogilvy as an intern. But after working in corporate for over 7 years, I decided to jump into the startup ecosystem as an entrepreneur. BOOM! It failed. It failed because it was for a niche market and had a limited audience. I came back to corporates and later joined GOGOX – the first unicorn from Hong Kong.

One day when I saw a founder talking about the same problem over and over again, I knew someone has to solve it. The entrepreneur inside me woke up one more time and that’s how Metricbird was born. Metricsbird is the Superhuman for AWS Cloudwatch – the fastest Cloudwatch console AWS will never build! We are backed by the University of California, Berkley’s Skydeck fund.