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Monday, September 18, 2023

Nikhil Kishore Khadke

Tech Lead Manager | Google AI | Mountain View, California, United States

Nikhil has 9+ years of industry experience building large scale data systems in the databases and artificial intelligence space. At Google, Nikhil leads a ML data infrastructure unit that powers over 100+ internal ML teams. His team focuses on a variety of data problems in AI such as data compliance, management, analysis, and visualization. His team’s infrastructure powers some of Alphabet’s biggest AI bets such as Gemini, Bard, Pixel’s camera technology, and more. Previously he founded a fintech effort in Area 120, Google’s internal incubator, and before that he worked on scaling up Mesa, a hyper-scale data warehouse that is in in the critical pathway for a majority of Google’s advertising revenue.

Nikhil has a MS Computer Science from Stanford University, and BS Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Before Google, Nikhil founded a YCombinator and StartX backed company, and worked at various database and artificial intelligence research groups at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon.