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Monday, September 18, 2023

Mohammed Shariq Suroor

Product Technical Program Manager | Meta | Bellevue, Washington, United States

My role gives me a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of product and the regulatory compliance world, ensuring I balance the need of business and build data privacy products and infra to protect customer information at scale. I believe in empowering people and businesses to make stronger connections in their communities by enabling people and SMB owners to connect with their customers by telling their stories and the impact of their offerings while protecting customer privacy.

To do that, I lead teams to enhance the products and features to honor the privacy and regulatory commitments Meta makes to various regulators across the globe.

Before leading the privacy initiative at Meta, I was a program manager at T-Mobile, led the cross-functional teams designing and driving operations excellence programs realizing benefits to the frontline teams, and customers led the problem management practice and launched products to support problem management. My background is in engineering, and I hold an MBA in Supply Chain Management and certifications in product management, program management, and data analytics.