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Monday, September 18, 2023

Mikhail Potapov

Frontend Engineer | Tinkoff | Krasnoyarsk, Russia

I have 4+ years of experience efficiently coding web apps.

Software Engineer, Orion Telecom

  • Build all software infrastructure from scratch. 
  • Created Nx Monorepo for sharing libs between other apps. 
  • Created permission management in frontend apps.​


Software Engineer, Skyeng

  • Developed UI components library from scratch.
  • Developed a plugin for figma to draw curved lines.
  • Created landing page for new product.

Software Engineer, Bothelp

  • Migrate project from angular.js to Angular 12.
  • Created a project for sharing a slice project without auth from scratch.
  • Implemented ab testing on the project, which allowed for research.
  • Managed a front-end development team.

Software Engineer, Tinkoff

  • Migrate project from micro apps to single monorepo app. It accelerated the development time of new features.
  • Optimized git flow, which allowed delivery of new features without bottleneck.