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Monday, September 18, 2023

Makers Nutrition

Winners From Across The Globe

“Being named a winner of multiple titles in the Golden Bridge Awards for the seventh consecutive year is a true honor. Our team at Makers Nutrition has gone above and beyond in serving clients amid supply chain setbacks and challenges faced during COVID-19. We are most proud to have delivered products to people around the world who are in need of nourishment. The growth of our clients means the growth of our company, which only helps us fulfill our mission in providing better health for individuals on a global scale, and we hope to inspire other industry leaders to follow suit.”

Jason Provenzano, CEO | Makers Nutrition

2022 Golden Bridge Awards

“It’s an honor to be recognized as an industry leader by the Globee Awards, especially for our efforts during the pandemic. This further validates our position as a company poised to successfully overcome the challenges and setbacks faced by organizations today. We humbly believe that our clients are in good hands with the level of commitment and dedication we put forth when handling their manufacturing, designing, packaging, and fulfillment services, and we look forward to continued success for both our clients and Makers Nutrition.”

Jason Provenzano, CEO | Makers Nutrition

2022 Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Operations Awards