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Monday, September 18, 2023

Kumaresh Babu Tanthullu Athmaram

Manager, Business Systems | Sloan | Franklin Park, Illinois, United States

Trusted IT Business Partner | Digital Transformation Leader

I am a trusted IT business partner and leader at Sloan, leading strategic digital transformation initiatives specializing in product development, product lifecycle management, and ERP (SAP) technology solutions. For 25 years, I have successfully crafted, architected, implemented, and managed solution portfolio strategies that deliver high impact, high performance digital business systems and processes in R&D and engineering areas to improve key business drivers such as product development velocity and process efficiency. My interdisciplinary experience in product design and development practices, PLM architecture / roadmap / support activities, lean manufacturing, team building insights, Systems Development Lifecycle and decisive partnering, contributed to executing company strategies with confidence.

As a System Design and Management fellow at MIT, I was fortunate to work with leading companies such as Campbell Soup Company, Haiti Joint Task Forces & Ocean Alliance (Non-profit org for preserving ocean health) on various cross functional ideas and strategies including sustainability, enterprise architecting principles and data analysis. I have 10 years of hands-on experience in product design, finite element analysis, noise and vibration reduction of motorcycle and light commercial vehicles. I have worked with various vendors and research agencies for various implementation projects.