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Monday, September 18, 2023

Krunal Patel

Lead Software Engineer | Stitchfix Inc. | San Francisco, California, United States

Krunal Patel is a Lead Software Engineer at Stitchfix Inc., an e-commerce platform that helps customers dress sharp in the digital age. As an engineer within the platform team, he works in supporting different platforms for client checkout, payment processing, pricing platform and credit management. Also, he is involved in driving critical projects to enhance system performance. Previously, Krunal worked as a Software Development Engineer for FINRA, an independent financial regulator for the US stock market. As an engineer with FINRA, he was responsible for driving cloud adoption to run workloads to process petabytes of market datasets, developed machine learning algorithms to detect manipulation and fraud in the US stock market and flagged potential fraud transactions which helps in protecting investors and safeguarding market integrity. During the last 8 years, he worked in diverse industries from a financial regulator to e-commerce company and identified opportunities to hone his finance engineering skills to enable the organizations in meeting its strategic objectives. He is also actively involved in First Round Fast Track mentorship opportunities where he helps in shaping the technical skills of upcoming talent. He graduated from The George Washington University with a Master’s degree in Computer Science in December 2014.