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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Kristina Anisimova

President | SinoImport USA | Mooresville, North Carolina, United States

Kristina Anisimova (pseudonym Tina Anisten) – expert and practitioner in international business and supply chain management. Master of International Business with 18 years of experience. Owner of SinoImport® Group with branches in the United States ( and Russia ( Founder of an online school for preparing specialists for international supply chain business. The program helped business owners to save more than $18.5 million in import-export operations due to a unique algorithm of international trade management. ( Researcher and author of scholarly articles in professional and business publications for such topics as: International trade contracts and compliance, international shipments and delivery, international logistics, international legislation in the field of commodity trade, currency markets and exchange, customs relations and control, import and export of commodities, economic sanctions and trade bans, the customs value of commodities, and international arbitrage. (some recent examples: Member of ICPA. International Compliance Professionals Association is a global trade compliance community whose mission is to provide networking opportunities and resources to individuals involved in international trade compliance. The applicant for a judge position has a certificate for “Customs value expertise” from the World Customs Organization and a certificate from Harvard Business School in the “Entrepreneurship Essentials” course.