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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Kinil Doshi

Sr Vice President | Citigroup | Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

With over two decades of exemplary consultancy, program and product management experience within the financial services sector and technology solutions, Kinil is a seasoned professional renowned for international reach and versatile expertise. His illustrious career has spanned engagements with esteemed global entities where he has demonstrated proficiency in diverse areas including Risk & Compliance Management, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, and Treasury Management, including technology innovation and implementation

Kinil’s strategic mindset and analytical prowess shine through in his ability to devise innovative solutions for complex challenges. With an illustrious track record, he has successfully navigated programs to triumph and brought technical acumen to the forefront, enabling seamless alignment between technology and business objectives. His leadership extends to mentoring, process improvement, and stakeholder engagement, making him a potent force in driving positive transformations.

His academic foundation, comprising advanced Master degrees in Management, Business Administration, and Commerce, coupled with a range of certifications in Credible Challenge, Effective Management, Requirement Management, Technology implementation underpins his comprehensive skill set. With a compelling blend of domain knowledge, technical prowess, and managerial finesse, he is primed to make impactful contributions wherever he engages.