2023 Information Technology Judge

Kedarnath Mundluru

Senior Principal Software Engineer | Dell Technologies | Round Rock, Texas, United States

An experienced Senior Principal SRE Architect, IT Architecture with 21+ years in the field, I have a proven track record of leading teams to develop and launch customer-focused features and products that deliver significant business value. 
My analytical abilities and technical expertise, combined with my critical thinking skills, make me well-suited to work in data-driven environments. I am a positive and driven individual who is equally effective working alone or in a team, and I have a reputation for consistently exceeding expectations. With a deep understanding of all stages of the software development life cycle and a strong background in management and leadership, I am a valuable asset to any organization.

• Develops and implements strategic plans for IT initiatives that align with company goals and objectives.
• Leads cross-functional teams to ensure project success and delivery within timeline.
• Expertise in identifying and mitigating risks.
• Exceptional communicator, articulate complex technical concepts to non-technical audiences.
• Mentors and develops team members, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Skills: Gitlab · DevOps · Agile Methodologies · Program Management · GitHub · Apache Kafka · RabbitMQ · Linux · Site Reliability Engineering · .NET Framework · Powershell · Shell Scripting