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Monday, September 18, 2023

Kalpesh Barde

Lead Member Technical Staff | Salesforce | San Francisco, California, United States

Kalpesh is a distinguished professional with expertise in developing internet-scale applications for e-commerce. With 14+ years of global experience in this field, he has honed his skills in building software systems that can handle high volumes of traffic, data, and users over the internet. 

Kalpesh’s impressive track record includes building and designing scalable backend services for Braintree Payments, integrating them seamlessly with merchants for payment processing and authorization optimization using AI/ML. 

At PayPal, Kalpesh was instrumental in developing and designing the next-generation tokenization platform, Network Tokens. With his technical prowess, he connected the platform to major networks such as Visa and Mastercard, ensuring that tokens were accurately managed throughout their lifecycle. Additionally, Kalpesh provided expert guidance and mentoring to junior developers facing technical obstacles, showcasing his dedication to the growth and success of his team. He was also presented with multiple Spot Awards for his high-impact contributions.

At Paypal, Kalpesh’s exceptional achievement of winning first prize in both global and regional hackathons for his ingenious solutions showcases his remarkable talent and innovative thinking.

Overall, Kalpesh is an expert and accomplished technical leader with a proven track record of driving organizational success through strategic planning and execution.