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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Johanna Tabea Feick

Product Lead & VP North America | VentureLabs | Düsseldorf, Saarland, Germany

Dear Globee-Team, As someone who has been around the startup scene for a long time, I have now reached a point where I want to get more engaged with the community and actively give back and support the startup and tech community. And I’d love to do by contributing to the Globee awards as part of your jury panel. A little bit about me and my background: I am a 2x founder and currently work as VP North America and product lead for a tech company. I have founded companies like “Videobesuch”, a videocall app targeted at nursing homes, which won the largest hackathon in the world (WirVsVirus 28 000 participants) and turned profitable within 3 months with about 300 B2B customers. My background is primarily in business leadership and product management and I have already judged over 100 products during my work in the company builder VentureLabs and by judging competitions like TechStars weekend, the prestigious German Baystartup business plan competition and highly funded student competitions like MEGA hackathon, Treasure Hacks, MLH and more. I’d love to put my skills and expertise forward as a part of the Globee Awards Thank you very much Johanna Feick.