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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Jayendran Gopalsami

Senior Product Manager – Technology | Amazon | Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Jayendran Gopalsami is an experienced Product Manager with a focus on solving some of the B2B and B2C supply chain’s challenging business and consumer problems in Retail and Consumer goods industries through software application, business intelligence and analytics tools. He has successful track record in managing enterprise transformation and supply chain optimization programs involving extensive business process reengineering, platformization, large scale systems development and organization change management. His product experience has taken him across the US to support various enterprises including Amazon, Lowes, Walmart, JB Hunt, Toyota and has empowered his teams to build innovative products from 0-to-1. Jayendran thrives in fast-paced teams, and is deeply passionate about continuously balancing business and consumer expectations with product feasibility & viability. He inspires and leads cross functional teams to make data driven decisions in an agile environment.